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Keeping Me Motivated On The Job

When at work, do you ever find yourself thinking any of the following?

- I just don't know what I'm supposed to do.

- It doesn't really matter whether I do this or not

- My boss is not human

- My co-workers are impossible to work with.

- This place is the pits.

- I'm only in it for the money

If you answered yes to any of these statements – and I'm almost certain you did – you have most likely fallen prey to low motivation.

Motivation is that inner drive and sense of purpose and value that keeps us committed to achieving a desired outcome.

And while motivation comes from within, the onus is placed on Management to keep employees motivated. Why? Because traditionally it's Management's job to maintain employees' optimum level of performance and productivity to ensure that organizational goals are met.

But is this completely Management's responsibility?

Maybe it's time employees took more interest and ownership in their own motivation.

Here is a quick checklist of motivational factors to help you determine which area of your job has a hit a motivational bump-in-the-road and some pointers to get you thinking how you can get over it.

1. Compensation and Incentives – Is my salary comparative to others in the industry? Does the organization reward me in ways other than my salary that I am overlooking?

2. Skills and Knowledge - Do I have the necessary know-how to perform all activities expected in my position?

3. Work Environment & Tools and Technology – Is the physical environment conducive to the job? Are there any distractions? Do I have the materials necessary for the job (including job aids and procedures) ?

4. Work Design – Does the work flow support my required tasks?

5. Authority to Perform – Am I given the authority to perform the tasks that I am skilled to do and know how to perform well? Is the organization hindering me from doing these tasks?

6. Expectations of the Job – Is the job what I thought it would be? Did I have a different idea of what my impact and value would be to the organization?

7. Organizational Culture – Do I understand the culture? Can I adapt? Are there behaviors that I cannot accept?

8. Job Dependency – Am I in this position because I really have no other choice?

9. Interpersonal Communications Skills and Knowledge – Do I communicate effectively with all my colleagues? Can I give and receive feedback in a manner that fosters development?

10. Health and Personal Concerns – Are there health or personal concerns that are distracting my performance?

This list is by no means conclusive, but should get you thinking about how to identify where your motivation may be threatened.

Once you have identified the threatened area, analyze in depth the 'why?' of the situation. Why is the situation the way it is? Is there anything YOU can do about it on your own or on your own initiative with the aid of Management?

While you may not be able to immediately change some of the causes of low motivation, by identifying them you are better equipped to address these issues with Management in an effort to resolve them and to…get back to enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy!

Written by - Ms. Leah De Souza

Ms. Leah De Souza is the Managing Director of Trainmar.

Trainmar provides training and development solutions that are strategically aligned and people focused. Visit www.trainmar-caribbean.org for further details.

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