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It's Lucrative Being Green

When architectural intern Jennifer Downey moved from
Richmond, Virginia, to New York City last year, it took more than a college
degree to land her current job with the design firm Marble Fairbanks. 

Prior to moving, Jennifer obtained her

That's a Real Job?!

Can you believe some people are lucky enough to play with
food, listen to music, travel the world, and get paid for it? Neither did we,
until we unearthed these three fun jobs that provide a good living, too. ...

10 Tips on Making a Successful Career Change

Are you looking for more than just a better job? Are you
looking for a more rewarding profession, one that better aligns with your
skills, interests, values, and plans for the future? If so, be prepared to face
a lot of reflection and planning.

Who's Who: Getting Your Resume into the Right Hands

A well-crafted resume is important, but if it doesn't
land in the right hands, it's useless.

New York career coach Deborah Brown-Volkman agrees.
"Many people ask me if they should send their resumes to a company's human
resources department

12 Tips for a Lengthy Job Search

One never expects that a job search will last long until
the weeks -- and months -- start ticking by. Plus, during an economic downturn,
it may take even longer to find work. To better increase your odds of finding a
job sooner, here are 12 "don't

The Rise of Mom Entrepreneurs

For mothers who want to both work and spend time with
their kids, starting a home-based business is a popular option.

A recent Harris survey found that 57 percent of women
either have started their own business or have thought about doing so

7 Things You Must Do in an Interview

When you are looking to make the Big Leap -- the one that
puts you closer to the power centers of a business or organization -- the
interview process will likely be different from what you've experienced before.
The more senior the person or peopl

Tough Times Don't Mean Tough Luck on Salary

You've prepared for your next job interview by
researching the company, brushing up on your sales pitch and pressing your
suit. But one key task remains: Figuring out what to expect as compensation.

In a tough economy, you don't have a lot o

Same Employer, Better Job

In today's economy new opportunities aren't as plentiful
as they've been in the past, leaving many employees to sit it out and hope for
the best from their current employers.

That's a dangerous strategy to follow. ...

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