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Caribbean Quality Inspection Company Ltd

Caribbean Quality Inspection Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as "CQI" was established on 20th May 2006
CQI is a privately owned, non – unionized, wholly independent, limited liability company. CQI provides inspection and consultancy services primarily to the Construction, Oil and Gas Industries in Trinidad and Tobago.

CQI main administration office is located at 7D Rushworth Street, San Fernando. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mr. Chandrika Ramnarine. He has over 40 years of extensive knowledge and experience, both internationally and locally in the NDE field and operations

With a combination of experienced and dedicated management staff coupled with a vibrant, skilled and appropriately trained workforce, CQI offers unsurpassed NDE, Inspection and Consultancy Services to our customers. We have a total of 26 personnel, with 12 employees permanently employed and 14 employees temporarily employed.
CQI, in recognition of a highly competitive market, has focused on proactively supporting our customer needs by continuously improving and consistently delivering a timely quality service. This will be achieved by adhering to CQI Quality program which will be aligned to ISO 9001: 2008.


Listed below are the services offered at CQI which are all performed in accordance to specified requirements:

• Quality Assurance and Quality Control

• Radiographic Testing using both Gamma and X-Ray methods

• Ultrasonic Testing

• Heat Treatment and Hardness Testing

• Magnetic Testing

• Penetrant Testing

• Visual Inspection

• Welders Qualification and Certification Records

• Welding Procedures and Qualification Records

• Vacuum Box Testing

• Holiday Detection

• Paint and Coating Inspection


Chandrika Ramnarine………………CEO/Chairman
Clive Jonathan Ramnarine….……..Managing Director
Reena Ramnarine…………………….Office Manager
Larry Seepersad……………………....Contracts Manager

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