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    Mr. Zaheer Hosein

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is it free to post my resume?

    Yes it is 100% free for jobseekers.

  2. Does CaribbeanResumes.com take a cut out of my salary if I am hired through the site?

    No we do not. Jobseekers never pay for anything and we would like it to remain so.

  3. Can I submit more than one resume?

    No, all you really need is one resume which you can update at any time by simply logging in with the credentials provided in the registration email.

  4. I have joined the Facebook Group, do I still need to submit my resume?

    Yes, submitting your resume is the only guaranteed way to be notified by job alerts and to be seen by employers.

  5. I do not want my current employer to know that I am looking for a job, is my contact details viewable?

    The only contact details we request at any point in time are name, email and telephone number. Your name is optional and your email address is always hidden from employers. However, employers can see your phone number and also they have full view of any attached document you upload as well.

  6. How do I log into the site? How do I apply for a job?

    The only way to register with us is to submit your resume. Once you do so, you will be emailed the registration information to the email address you entered upon submission.

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