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    Ms. Leah de Souza-Trainmar Caribbean


How To Be M.V.P. If You Don't Play Sports

For someone who has never willingly participated in any sports, I am constantly in awe of professional athletes. Their determination, focus, vision, planning and preparation are of constant inspiration to me.

I surprisingly found myself following the documentary of Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. before their highly televised match on May 5th 2007. I had never before watched a boxing match and knew little of the boxers themselves. The unwavering focus of Mayweather in particular was astounding – constant training at all hours of the day, no distractions that would negatively impact on training, and a support team to help him eat, sleep and breathe boxing. While it may have appeared extreme, these conditions were self-imposed and self-rewarded.

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